Saturday, 10 December 2011

Europe: one step closer to a fascist super-state

It's hard for people to see the wood for the trees in this week's proposed Eurozone treaty change, and that's down to the heinous lack of transparency in European politics. However, the facts speak for themselves: what is certain is that this German/French inspired plan to allow unelected eurocrats the right to veto the budgets of Eurozone members is one step closer to making Europe an outright fascist super-state. That an unelected body, based in Brussels, should have the power to interfere in, and even dictate the budgets of sovereign nations should be unthinkable; but so mired are European politicians in the 'Merkozy' fronted, banker-backed illusion, they have lost sight of reality.

Let's look at a few recent facts. Greece and Italy no longer have democratically elected premiers, instead they have had accountants foisted on them (Lucas Papademos, former vice-president of the European Central Bank and Mario Monti, international advisor to Goldman Sachs and European head of the Trilateral Commission). Why? To oversee the smooth transfer of wealth from these formerly sovereign nations to the politician-fronted banking cabal that currently pulls the strings in the US, UK and most of Europe.

When you understand the bigger picture, Merkel and Sarkozy's plan begins to make sense; it has nothing to do with democracy, and everything to do with enforcing outright control over the affairs of sovereign nations. Whether Merkel and Sarkozy were onside from the very start is debatable, but it can no longer be in question, they are not acting for the people of Europe, but for an unelected, economic oligarchy (i.e. bank owners and their ilk).

So what's Cameron's role in all this? It's actually quite interesting; in bald political terms, he has undoubtedly done the right thing. No sane, unaligned Premier could have acted in any other way when the sovereign rights of their own country, and indeed of other countries, is threatened. In the bigger picture, his actions are almost irrelevant: France and Germany will push this plan through anyway, giving almost total power to an unelected body over the affairs of sovereign nations. What Hitler failed to do, France and Germany in 2011 are close to achieving. At least the UK has retained some kind of independence. Whether that's to the benefit of her citizens, or purely to the bankers, remains to be seen.

That Miliband (leader of the Labour party), could even think, let alone say, that this treaty-change is something the UK should be a party to is frightening. Either he simply has no grasp of what's at stake, or he's simply another puppet, enslaved to this totalitarian vision, or he's an idiot. You decide.