Monday, 9 February 2009

Google - just how much DO they know?

You want spooky? I'll give you spooky -

I did a YouTube search for a clip about Near London - a virtual shopping and social networking site that uses our technology... watch it here, it's pretty damn funky.

Now here's the spooky bit - there's nothing to connect me - online - with the Near clip, yet what comes up on YouTube as a related video in the search 'Near Virtual London BBC'? Try the search yourself and see. It should be this this.. In fact it seems to be the first related link that comes up... except it's NOT related, not related to the first clip in anyway, shape or form that I can think of... except for one bizarre fact: I feature in the second clip - a trailer for my friend's film, which I co-produced... but how on EARTH does google put the two together? Furrreeeky stuff. Personally, I take it as a sign.

We're on the way folks.