Wednesday, 15 February 2012

People: time to wake up from the hegemony

(An answer to the so-called debt crisis in Europe)

Let's look at the bigger picture for a moment: since 2008, Western governments have used billions and billions of tax-payers money to bail out the failing banks. And now the banking system, of which these very same banks are a part of, is demanding austerity measures in order to recoup 'their' debts.
Can anyone see anything slightly dodgy in this picture?
On paper, governments are meant to serve the people. In reality, the opposite is true. While the politicians, banks and their associate lackeys persist in perpetrating the illusion that ordinary people must pay to keep them in power, isn't it time we all woke up and threw off the shackles of this despicable despotism?

In my humble opinion, every single sovereign country should default on any debts they 'owe' to banks, immediately. Why, you ask (and I imagine some of you screaming)? Because it's time to end this hegemony, once and for all.
The 'money' that the banks 'lend' is nothing they themselves have earned. It is nothing of tangible value. It has simply been created out of thin air. This fiat money system, that really took a hold on our planet when the Federal Reserve was created in the US 100 years or so ago, has taken a stranglehold over the lives of everyone. It has been backed by a consumerist agenda that divides communities, induces people to chase after illusive, meaningless dreams, and simultaneously rapes, loots and plunders the natural world of its resources, depriving millions around the world of their basic rights to food, power and water.

Yes, I hear some of you still screaming, 'but it will be chaos, anarchy, everything will collapse!' Yes, that is what you've been told. You've been told that you, we, all of us, are incapable of running things without these governments and institutions to look after us. The reality is, of course, the complete opposite. We do not need these parasites, they need us.
People, we seriously need to wake up. We do not want perpetual war, destruction, slavery and violence perpetrated in our name. We want, and we deserve, peace and prosperity. This will NEVER happen under the current system.

People, it's time to wake up.

And yes, I can offer you tangible alternatives. We can trade without governments and banks controlling currency. Banks are simply utilities that should only be there to facilitate the flow of currency and exchange. That is ALL. The rest, the debt, the usury, the fiat money system, these have all been foisted upon you, and you've been told there is no alternative. There is.
And the first step is transparency. Total transparency in all administration that relates to any form of taxation or business. To empower ourselves, we demand to be informed. Knowledge is power. Time to share that among all of us.