Sunday, 1 July 2012

The collapse of the neo-liberal agenda?

For many years I have struggled to explain to people how Thatcher's corrupt ideology of free-market capitalism was based on a dubious model of humanity that grew out of the flawed reasoning of game theory (cf John Nash) and the economic theories of Freidrich Hayek and the modern acolyte of both, the extremely influential economist James Buchanan.

The documentaries below will help people understand not just the horrors of Thatcherism and the legacy we are still reaping today, but how New Labour not only continued this inhumane neo-liberal agenda, but extended it to all walks of life.

We are not numbers. We are humans. But in the last 30 years politicians have ceded any last vestiges of democratic power to the totally phony idea of the 'free markets', who are supposedly 'more democratic' than any form of social franchise. This laughable concept has had tragic consequences for all humanity, as we can see only too clearly today.

As the reality of the totally corrupt banking system finally begins to come to light, with all recent revelations about Barclays fixing the LIBOR rates being but the tip of the iceberg, let us hope a turning point has been reached, where people reclaim their humanity and their democratic rights from the economic hegemony of the bankers and their corporate/industrial cabals.

The second episode in the documentary series is even more enlightening, and I encourage anyone who wants to understand the roots of our current global situation to watch and have the scales fall from your eyes.