Wednesday, 21 March 2012

On second thoughts: why everything might be all right after all..

An interesting piece of information came to me today. I'm not going into the details because I will probably be accused of being a conspiracy theorist.
Anyway, the long and the short of it is this: if I am honest, I have never felt entirely comfortable attacking Obama. And on other sites, I have attacked him for his policies and for the quite understandable perception that he is nothing more than a corporate puppet.
Although it is indisputable fact that he has presided over the continued sanctioning of the NDAA (please read the linked article if you want to know what the National Defence Authorization Act is all about), and that also under his aegis, the use of unmanned drones in American airspace has also been sanctioned. AND that he has appointed the head of Monsanto's GMO division as senior advisor to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), which is the moral equivalent of making a paedophile a senior advisor to nursery schools. AND that he has also appointed former Goldman Sachs and MF Global chief Jon Corzine as an economic advisor (please apply the same metaphor as before)... all of which are heinous crimes in my book, but nevertheless, I still have to admit that my instincts tell me Obama isn't as bad as he's been painted and these actions imply. How on Earth could that be?
Well, the information I've been given today is that Obama is going to use these laws against the very people who thought to profit by them: the corporate elite. I don't think anyone with a modicum of intelligence would deny that what has gone on recently, under the aegis of companies like Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan is nothing less that downright economic treachery, as is the whole government bailouts scenario that has seen billions of ordinary taxpayers' money go to prop up a corrupt and bankrupt financial banking system.
At the same time I hope no one would deny that the motivations of companies like Monsanto, far from being some kind of philanthropy are in fact a heinous attempt to control and copyright the very foodstuffs we all rely on to live. And to round this off as simply as possible, I also hope no one would deny that the prosecution of wars on sovereign nations, whether under the flag of retribution, or for the more plain and obvious purpose of acquisition, in which literally millions of ordinary people have been killed, is a very bad thing.
So - and here comes the second-thoughts bit - wouldn't it be something quite incredible, if after all, Obama was executing the most outrageous of all double-bluffs - and that in truth he is about to turn the tables on this cartel that has been living off the people of this world for so long? I'm not saying it's a cert, but it's a possibility. And if so, then by default, Mr 'it'll be all right in the end' could well be right after all. How ironic!

Edit, 4th January 2013: unfortunately, I have to say this hope in Obama has proved unfounded. It seems clear that Obama is still a puppet of the corporate elite. Following his suspect re-election, he continues to support the worldwide corporate agenda, continues the aggression against foreign sovereign states and nationals and fails to prevent any of the corporate fraud, or the ecological and environmental destruction that is being perpetrated by corporations across the globe.

We, the ordinary people, still live in hope that raised consciousness and the awareness of these activities will bring about a positive change in our world. In Iceland we see bankers being charged for their criminal activities, and across the globe we see the non-aligned nations uniting to bring about change and a release for humanity from the hegemony of the Western corporate elites.

The technology and ability exists within humanity for ALL of us to enjoy peace, prosperity and freedom from tyranny. It is only the old order that is holding this progress back. I hope any of you reading this will join me in helping to manifest this reality for our world.