Saturday, 25 July 2009

Marina Hyde..

Hasn't that last post driven you mad yet? How did you stand it my munchkins? Its lumpen logic labouring through cyberspace like an wounded walrus..

But never mind, this page is now a shrine to Marina Hyde, the goddess of the intellectual barb, her withering dissections of the entity that is Trudie Styler alone stand her high on my pantheon of latter-day saints; but this girl's not just smart, she gets sport too..

...............................................seriously, what's not to like?

....................................... I'm in Love.

Marina writes, almost ubiquitously, in The Guardian, now home to a host of female columnists who seem bent on leading us towards a new, edgily comfy irony as they purvey their world views all over this once serious institution - but Marina out-does the frumpy Lucy Mangan, eclipses Zoe Williams and out-acids Shazia Mirza - she is the queen.

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Antonio Gramsci said...

I'm guessing you've seen her new picture at The Guardian. Don't strain your wrist or elbow.

Hudster said...

Wowzers.. thanks for that Antonio.. I hadn't seen it... but now I have.. my love/lust deepens...

Slamboni said...

Fuck you, I hate Marina Hyde. I once dared to question this arrogant bitch via email regarding one of her Guardian articles in which she was extolling the wonders of Fox News (my how contrarian and "clever" in an asshole sort of way that is).

I think she and the entire Guardian editorial staff are a bunch of assholes. But back to this bitch Marina Hyde: there is no reasoning with the woman. If you disagree with her, she will attack you relentlessly with name calling, insults, and white hot hatred nonstop. I had to use an auto-delete function on my gmail account to get her to shut the fuck up already. There was no reasoning with this bitch, it was pure ad hominem name calling of the most bitter, toxic variety.

Good luck with your new "Marina Hyde Shrine", asshole LOL :-D

Hudster said...

My my Slamboni, you are an angry person, and don't you let us know it. I think I shall re-name you Tromboni, in reference to all that hot air you're blowing.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha "Tromboni", I like your sense of humor. Dealing with an uber bitch like M. Hyde can make one seem angry and hateful you know. Didn't come out of nowhere LOL.

Leaving you to your wanking to thumbnails of mega bitch M Hyde,